Cal Guerxo becomes a benchmark project in global sustainability

Jul 24, 2023 | Collaborative work, Energy efficiency, Environmental sustainability, Reforms, Rehabilitación

The Cal Guerxo is a prominent project involving the rehabilitation and recovery of abandoned spaces that has become a benchmark by obtaining the Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification, the first in Europe to do so, together with LEED Platinum certification.

Cal Gerxo is a farmhouse located in Bresca, in the province of Lleida. Its design and conception is based on regenerative architecture criteria, developed in a fully collaborative manner. The project was led by its developer and sustainability expert Emmanuel Pauwels, with the active participation of a large team of collaborating agents.

Obtaining certification is an exhaustive process, for example, Cal Guerxo works with the natural water cycle: greywater and blackwater is recycled, cleaned by natural processes, and filtered through the ground, and 100% of all its needs are supplied by rainwater. The management and use of water is a very efficient process, without compromising on comfort.

In addition, it generates 112% of the energy it needs, which “shows that renovation projects can achieve net positive targets”, says Emmanuel Pauwels, “we can shift the paradigm from reducing the negative impact to making a positive contribution”. . The Living Building Challenge is an international certification created in 2006 by the non-profit organization Living Future Institute. The aim is to promote the most advanced standards of building sustainability, both in new and existing buildings. It seeks to promote the wellbeing and health of human beings through the built space.

If you would like to know more about this project you can visit the Green Building Council website or the website of the International Institute for Future Living.

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