To transform the world in which we live through the rehabilitation and conservation of buildings and through new projects and developments, with designs that combine high criteria of health and sustainability, for the benefit of its inhabitants and the conservation of the planet.


We believe in our ability to design sustainable and innovative projects creating a better future for the planet, our children and future generations. We focus on the really important and meaningful needs and actively collaborate with committed people who are inspired to give their best, for their project, for our project, for a better world.

Personal Manifesto

We believe that companies and the people who are part of them have a crucial role and a responsibility with our actions. In 2004 we began our commitment to sustainability, becoming pioneers with reference projects at national and European level.

We also believe that the time has come to take a leap forward and therefore we must be a lever of transformation and bet on a positive impact on our growth and that of our customers, the community and the planet.

We believe that this is a challenge, but we also believe that nothing is impossible and that every action we take in the present conditions our future, and even more so, that of our children.

Our project is our legacy.

team photo

Our origins

At EXE ARCHITECTURE, our professional path is marked by our origins and the connections we have forged over the years. We began our journey by sharing our studies with university classmates. It all started in 1994, in the Avinyó studio, in Leon XIII and finally we moved to Aribau.

From our last location, we took the leap and established our activity in Poblanou in Barcelona, where Elisabeth Sadurní, Marc Obradó and Jaume Valor, founded the company EXE ARQUITECTURA in Barcelona Activa in 2004. This step marked the beginning of an exciting platform for our creativity and collaboration. Throughout more than 25 years, we have had the privilege of participating in large and innovative projects as well as collaborating with outstanding engineering firms and companies: Bernuz Fernandez, Other Structures, L3J, ARCbcn, Green Living Projects, Societat Organica, Aiguasol, SJ12 and many more, have been valuable partners in the realization of our projects.

Along the way, we have also experienced moments of hard and profound transformation. Since the beginning of the real estate crisis in 2008 and the years that followed, we have gone through a difficult journey with very strong emotional and economic moments. Among other things, we were forced to break up the team and Jaume Valor left the company. Finally, Elisabeth Sadurní and Marc Obradó, with the help of Óscar Ibañez and Raül Benitez, refloated and took forward the company we have become today.

For all the accumulated learning, we would like to thank all the people we have met along the way and who, in one way or another, have been part of it. Our thanks to all of them, from the bottom of our hearts.

Our present-future

Our vision is the engine that drives us towards a working model in which we envision companies and people collaborating in an environment of shared values.

We want to create a solid foundation to inspire, align and communicate a unique and distinctive identity that supports the objectives of a project and also those of all the people and agents involved. Thus creating solid and successful projects while generating strong and true relationships.

At EXE ARCHITECTURE, we strive to reinforce our values of sustainability and health. Our vision and mission are focused on creating spaces that improve the quality of life, embracing regenerative architecture in the future and adopting innovative solutions. We are committed to developing projects that respect the environment and promote people’s health and well-being.

To achieve these ambitious goals, we will rely on Systemic Facilitation (SF) and thank Bugui García for his contribution and hope to walk the path together with him, as well as with Laura Obradó and other committed colleagues. We also thank Emmanuel Pauwels for his contribution, who has always been present in our journey and will continue to be part of it leading regenerative architecture projects.

Welcome to EXE ARCHITECTURE, where our professional path is marked by collaboration, innovation and the constant search for a more sustainable and healthy future.
Together, we will build a better world.